Pacific Expositions is dedicated to the creation, development and management of exceptional fairs, festivals and special events. Our goal for these events are to celebrate, educate and promote the sharing of ideas, arts, cultures and lifestyles.

“It is through the experience of a significant event that we can be challenged and fulfilled either from participation in the production process, or attending the result.

Steve Bajor

An event offers a unique opportunity to share and enjoy a singular moment of time in the company of others. The benefits to be derived are unquestionably important and necessary for the well being of us all.”
— Steve Bajor

Steve Bajor was presented the Milley Award, for "contribution to the creative life of Mill Valley," by the City of Mill Valley in 2009.


Pacific Expositions’ involvement with the design and development of traditional to contemporary arts and cultural events have always enjoyed the highest level of dedication to creativity and quality.

Pacific Expositions’ reputation is built on the extensive track record and experience of its founder Steven Bajor.

"Steve" Bajor has enjoyed over 35 years of unparalleled experience as a pioneer in the business and passion of event design and management.

Pacific Expositions offers the partnership of its event management skills coupled with the resources of Team PRO Event's administration and operation staff. This partnership brings unequaled resources to any event production environment.

Pacific Expositions has continually met and exceeded the expectations of its clients, partners and the participants of its events. A relationship with Pacific Expositions and its team will ensure the security of professional and sensitively planned and executed events. Pacific Expositions' event management team enjoys broad based experience with special event goals and challenges.

Pacific Expositions’ activities have been distributed between corporate clients, non-profit organizations, service groups and independent productions. One time events, such as centennials and celebrations, have also received the Pacific Expositions Team's attention and service.

Pacific Expositions managed events provide outstanding promotional opportunities and financial support for our clients and partners. These clients are carefully selected corporate and/or community businesses and non-profit organizations.

Pacific Expositions’ special event associations are dedicated to education and increasing awareness of their attendees and participants. These events are chosen for their timely nature and cultural significance.